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Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine of Austin TX

About Moon Medicine Healing Arts About Moon Medicine Healing Arts

About Moon Medicine Healing Arts

Dedicated to Your Health

Welcome to Moon Medicine Healing Arts, where our mission is to help you achieve and maintain your optimal health goals. Here at MM we know how it goes- life gets busy, and while you’re working hard every day, setting aside time for yourself becomes more and more difficult. All too often we end up overworked, stressed out and exhausted, leaving us susceptible to illness and injury. Inevitably (an unfortunately) we all get sick or hurt from time to time, but there are both preventative and palliative measures we can take to ward off illnesses and lessen the amount of time spent sick or hurting. Whether you’re aching from head to toe, a complete insomniac, bloated from bogged down digestion, or simply just need some space to chill-out and get your mind right, EA is the spot to realign with your own innate Epic-ness. Let’s cultivate your wellness together. Make some time for YOU and book an appointment today.

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Diana Beilman, LAc

Diana Beilman, LAc

Diana Lane is a Self Care Specialist, Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Health Expert. A premed heart surgeon turned Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Reiki Master, with over 20 years of experience, she specializes in women’s wellness, (specifically adrenal fatigue/stress, cycle issues, insomnia and cosmetic acupuncture) and has a private practice in an integrative clinic in Austin, Texas. Diana is also well versed in functional lab analysis and care order lab testing directly through her clinic. 

Diana is the perfect blend of science and Wu, incorporating acupuncture, herbalism, the esoteric arts, body work, nutritional consulting, sound therapy and crystal healing into her multifaceted medical practice.

For her own Sacred Self-Care time she enjoys outdoor adventures, dancing and traveling. Her passion projects include hosting community oriented meditation and movement experiences, in a sacred space for transformation, that creates soulful connections with her Holistic Healing Event company called Moon Medicine Magic.

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Retreat Program

Moon Medicine Retreat Program

Join us in the sacredness of sisterhood, for this multifaceted and transformational experience, where we will tap into the core of our blessed beings, focus on healing the heart and align with the true nature of our cycles.

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  • Healing Path

    Beyond incredible

    Diana is beyond incredible. Her knowledge is extensive and her deeply embodied wisdom allows for a deep sense of security when I receive healing from her gifted hands. Any time I’m experiencing something that has me at a loss and present it to her, she knows exactly what I’m speaking about and has remedies and treatments at the ready to address my concerns immediately. Her ability to create a protocol fully customized to my exact needs has created massive shifts for my overall well-being in such a short amount of time! I feel seen, sane and validated for the intuitive pings I have been receiving with regards to my health and level of energetic purity. She is both graciously down to earth and highly tapped in to the realm of the unseen... My experiences in this life have led me to develop a high level of discernment with those who care for my temple, and I trust her completely.Walking into her office is a breath of fresh air, and the delicate touches she’s created in that space are a testament to her loving intention and depth of character. I love her, and I’m so thankful to have found such a wonderful Earth Angel to provide nourishment on my path.

    Gabrielle R.

  • Relaxed

    I have so much energy!

    I have so much energy! I'm bursting at the seams! I feel fantastic. I'm just getting home and I'm going to hit the gym really hard! Yay for ginseng and adrenal help! Thank you for all of your love and healing energy and ancient wisdom! You're changing my life.

    Rebekkah S.

  • Massage


    Three little seeds/points, one big impact…just wanted to give a shout out to Diana Lane, who has been performing amazing acupuncture & other healing modalities on me over the last year or so, especially in the last 6 months (since my car accident)…and for the last few treatments leaving me w/ the seeds ( 3-4 little seeds, 1 big ear 👂🏻😁)...much gratitude!

    David R.

  • Healing Path

    On a Healing Path

    I've had accupuncture treatments for years and have always been pleased with the results but when I found Diana I felt that my treatments were taken to a higher level. She has a great professional manner and is very passionate about what she does. I see her weekly and I always leave feeling great and knowing that she's helping me on a healing path.”

    Bart W